Gunsmithing Services

Lock, Stock and Barrel is pleased to offer full gunsmithing services focused on repairing, restoring, and customization of firearms. All gunsmithing services start with a Disassembly, Cleaning, Oiling, and Assembly (DCOA) to determine the current functionality and safety of your firearm. Next, our certified gunsmith will analyze your firearm to identify the cause of any problems you are currently having. Before any further repairs or work is done, our gunsmith will contact you to discuss his findings and obtain your approval before moving forward with the project. Please review our list of services below to see what we offer. If you don't see the service you need listed, please give us a call and ask!

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Metal Finishing

Since the beginning of firearm development, numerous types of metal finishes have been used as well as how those finishes are and can be applied. While the goal behind these finishes has served several purposes, protecting the parts from the elements and wear is typically the main goal. You can add in additional performance and personalization for that custom touch. We offer:

  • Traditional Blueing
  • Cerakote
  • Color-case Hardening

Gun Stock Services

Lock, Stock, and Barrel is an expert in providing quality custom gun stock services. Tell us what you want, and we can make it! We offer:

  • Stock Sizing and Fitting
  • Recoil pad installation
  • Adjustable comb/soft comb
  • Gun stock refinishing and repair
  • Custom gun stocks
  • Gun stock Checkering
  • Gun stock cutting or extensions

Muzzle Brakes and Barrel Threading

Muzzle breaks have quickly become one of the most significant upgrades you can do to a firearm. They can be installed on pistols, rifles and shotguns. Muzzle breaks and recoil reduction produce amazing benefits. The most noticeable benefit is “Felt” recoil. They can tame down that largest of calibers to a manageable level. This will produce greater accuracy, help with follow up shots, and make it easier to spot impacts down range. Even small calibers can benefit from this!

Lock, Stock, and Barrel can perform custom barrel threading to accommodate muzzle brakes or suppressors. 

Gun Scope and Sight Mounting

The ultimate goal when using a firearm is to hit your target. Having the proper sighting system, as well as having it mounted correctly, is at the very root of having an accurate firearm. There are countless types of sights and optics available today for handguns and long guns.

Lock, Stock, and Barrel provides expert gun scope and sight mounting services. Scopes are not only for rifles anymore! We not only mount and service rifle mount scope setups for medium to extended range applications, but we also can mount scopes on handguns. We will also take the time to properly fit and adjust the sight to your firearm and you. Being sure to meet your needs, ensuring greater results.

We offer machine work, drilling and tapping, fabrication, mounting and bore sighting, as well as sighting–in services.

Gun Repair

Lock, Stock, and Barrel can handle all types of repairs. By not limiting ourselves to certain types of firearms, this has allowed us the opportunity to see and work on hundreds of different types of guns. This it has allowed us to become familiar with the countless mechanical designs and functions of firearms from all over the world, along with the certain little quirks that go with each of them.

When we receive a gun for repairs, we do a detailed inspection, function and safety check. Most firearms go through a complete disassembly and cleaning during this process as well, which aids in diagnosing the problem and helps to identify additional issues.

After determining the suspected cause of the malfunction, we then proceed with the repair. We have the knowledge, resources, tools, and skills. One of our greatest resources is a vast connection to the people and manufacturers in the firearms industry. We use these connections to locate hard to find parts as well as obtain additional insight. If we don’t have the tool, the part, or the answer, we are not afraid to reach out to someone that does. By using all the assets in our toolbox, we can get your firearm back to functioning safely and reliably.

Gun Cleaning

Having a clean firearm is essential to ensure it properly functions as well as maintaining its accuracy. Other than the obvious visual signs of being dirty. A gun will begin to function poorly and can even lead to safety issues. Carbon, copper and lead fouling in a barrel can significantly affect a firearms accuracy. With a correct and thorough cleaning of the bore, a firearm can regain some of that lost accuracy. Firearms that rely on the moving parts to cycle freely and unimpeded can begin to misfeed, not properly eject, and cycle completely.

Here at Lock, Stock, and Barrel, we have some of the latest technology to get your gun clean and functioning as safe as the day it was new. Of course, we use lots of good old-fashioned elbow grease that gets the job done too. We use the latest in cleaning chemicals and oils in conjunction with our state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaners. Along with our working knowledge and resources, you can be sure your gun will be cleaned and lubricated and returned in safe operating condition.

Lubrication is a very crucial part as well. Too much lubrication can be just as bad as not enough. Knowing where, how and how much to use, as well as the correct type to use based on conditions and the type of firearm. These all play a key part in the proper functioning of a firearm.

Gun Customization

Modern-day firearms are very remarkable in what they can do right off the shelf. But what they lack is that personal touch that sets them apart for every other gun out there. We use firearms as a tool for hunting, a means to protect our family and property, as well as provide countless hours of enjoyment target practicing and making memories. By customizing a gun or building one, it allows us to fill all the voids that a factory gun might miss out on as well as set apart from all the others.

Firearms take on great meaning to their owners. Having a custom gun adds to that by making it a very personal piece and treasured for generations to come. When you decide to invest in a custom gun or customize/personalize an existing firearm, we take all the time needed to explore everything that will go into providing you with a one of a kind gun.

Customization is also critical for competition shooters involved in events such as International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), 3 Gun, Cowboy Action, Trap, Skeet, and many more.

Lock, Stock, and Barrel offers custom stocks, barrels, finishes, and fittings. So, whether it’s a rifle, muzzle loader, pistol, revolver or shotgun; or you are shooting competitions, target practicing, protecting loved ones or hunting big game trophy, contact us and let us make that firearm just the way you

want it.

Shotgun Services

Shotguns are one of the most common firearms out there and are used far more than most firearms. Typically, the conditions that shotguns are used in is fairly harsh as well. Due to all of this, shotguns need routine deep cleaning and maintenance to keep them working correctly and safely. There are many old “Grandpas Shotguns” out there that are potentially very unsafe with today's modern ammo. Let us take a look at it so you can be sure it is safe to use.

We can work on all types and designs to include: single shot, bolt action, slide action, lever action, over-under, side-by-side, rifle/shotgun combo, as well as semi-automatic. Lock, Stock, and Barrel offers:

  • Shotgun action cleaning and repair
  • Shotgun recoil pad installation
  • Stock modifications and fitting
  • Ventilated rib Installation
  • Shotgun machining drilling & tapping
  • Shotgun trigger work
  • Adjustable stock comb installation
  • Shotgun choke modification
  • Shotgun sling installation

Some of these include stock modifications and fitting. Improved recoil reduction systems and pads. Sight replacement and upgrades. Correct as well as custom finishing services.

  • And much more…

Handgun Services

Lock, Stock, and Barrel is skilled in handgun and pistol repair and modifications. We can do some very cool handgun customizations as well! We offer:

  • Handgun action cleaning and repair
  • Handgun sight mounting
  • Handgun machining drilling & tapping
  • Handgun trigger work
  • And much more..

Rifle Services

Lock, Stock, and Barrel is skilled in rifle repair and modifications. We can do some exciting customizations as well! We offer:

  • Rifle action cleaning and repair
  • Rifle recoil pad installation
  • Stock fitting
  • Rifle machining drilling & tapping
  • Trigger work
  • Rifle sling installation
  • And much more...